Selma Nicholls, CEO & Founder, Looks Like Me

Selma Nicholls

Founder & CEO, Looks Like Me

Selma believes in being the change you want to see and creates this through positive representation of culturally diverse talent/models & imagery.
For over a decade Selma worked in theatre/dance as a freelance Producer, arts facilitator and recently transitioned to CEO of Looks Like Me, a child talent/model agency.

Founded by Selma and motivated by Riley-Ann her three-year-old daughter questioning her own identity (wanting straight hair and white skin), the duo are the first agency redefining beauty, whilst raising the profile of underrepresented groups in advertising and fashion. Providing exceptional talent, models, families and extraordinary beautiful campaigns.

Looks Like Me secured a Start Up Loan from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin StartUp company and are growing from strength to strength. LLM talent/models have been featured in Creative Soul Photography World Tour – representing London, ISOSSY Children for London Fashion Week, ChristmasSOwhite campaign to name a few.
Selma is a monthly contributor on Junior Style London, the leading online destination for independent children’s fashion. Through our diverse talent/models and imagery we prepare, represent, celebrate and illuminate underrepresented children and families, providing opportunities that have meaningful impact and positively representing many people globally.
The representation is in the image!


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