Roshni Goyate

Co-founder, The Other Box

Roshni Goyate is a senior freelance copywriter in the branding and design world, and co-founder of The Other Box. She has worked with brands all over the world, including Unilever, Mars, Deloitte, PwC, BBC, Channel 4, Danone, the FSC, and many more. But having reached senior level in her industry, she realised she didn’t see herself as a woman of colour represented in leadership positions. On discussion panels, juries for awards, and in general discussions around the industry, there was a distinct lack of diversity and representation that made her feel invisible.

So she joined forces with Leyya Sattar, another woman of colour in the creative industry, to create The Other Box, and promote and increase diversity at all levels. Through video interviews, events, and a mentoring programme, they hope to shed light on the issues of representation, and make people from all backgrounds feel like their voices are heard and their creativity is just as relevant as anyone else’s.

She is also studying a Masters in Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity at Birkbeck, which feeds into her diversity work for The Other Box. The daughter of Indian immigrants, she was born and raised in Wembley, and has always been interested in empowering marginalised voices and uncovering untold stories.


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