Jo Coombs

CEO, OgilvyOne UK, The Customer Agency

Jo took the reins of OgilvyOne UK early in 2016, after 12 years at the agency working across many of their B2C & B2B accounts.

As a practitioner of Customer Engagement since 1995 Jo has never been more excited by the power of data and technology to drive powerful Customer Connections, unlocking value for both consumers and brands.

Believing passionately that good ideas can come from anywhere, Jo is driving a diverse and open culture within OgilvyOne.

Prior to becoming CEO, Jo helped brands like British Airways, Unilever, The Co-operative, British Gas & American Express to establish long-standing relationships with consumers to drive business results. She is also very proud of the work that her team deliver for Public Health England in driving behavior change and helping the UK to become a healthier nation.

“Even after all these years for me it’s always about the work. Nothing excites me more than when you see a great idea, and you get that tingle, because you know that it’s going to make a difference in someone’s world”.

Jo has also worked at Brann, Wunderman & Y&R Europe. She is a bit of a traveling photographer, horsewoman and farmer’s daughter and in a previous life was qualified yoga instructor (that was prior to becoming a single Mum to two small children and a dog who both delight and test her zen everyday).

Twitter: @joc00mbs


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