Dora Michail, Managing Director, Digital, Telegraph Media Group

Dora Michail

Managing Director, Digital, Telegraph Media Group

Dora is the Managing Director, Digital at Telegraph Media Group. Prior to this role she was responsible for running the Yahoo EMEA Programmatic & Audience Marketplace, where her team focused on data-driven programmatic video, display, and native media sales, as well as DSP sales, supply & data acquisition, analytics,and insights.

Prior to this Dora was Yahoo’s Head of Optimisation, where she led a team of analysts across six markets and was responsible for campaign management, analysis, and performance. She started working at Yahoo following the acquisition of Blue Lithium – the US start-up ad network – in 2007, where Dora was an early UK employee, creating and leading the client service and optimisation team for display advertising.

Dora’s digital career began back in 2003, at the search engine Ask Jeeves, where she was the UK Travel Editor, responsible for the travel vertical’s search relevancy results.


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