Daniel Walsh

Portfolio Head of Marketing, Central Brand, BBC

As Portfolio Head of Marketing, BBC Central Brand at BBC, Dan is responsible for the marketing strategy of the BBC Masterbrand. Dan joined the BBC in 2014 as Head of Marketing, BBC Radio 1 & Radio 1Xtra, where for over three years he led the marketing strategy for two of BBC’s leading youth brands, helping shift perceptions of both stations from linear broadcast channels to multi-platform youth brands. He led the development of major multidisciplinary brand campaigns including TV, digital, social, radio and experiential elements for content series such as Radio 1’s Summer Mixes, events such as Radio 1’s Big Weekend and reputation defining moments such as the launch of Radio 1’s iPlayer channel.

Prior to joining the BBC, Dan worked at Red Bull from 2007 to 2014 joining as culture manager at Red Bull UK rising to be International Culture Manager at Red Bull International leading the brand’s global music programmes, development of emerging culture markets, and global culture marketing projects in the US, UK, Germany, India and Japan. Earlier in his career, Dan worked on brand partnerships for a number of the UK’s leading music festivals at Big Fish Events.

Dan is passionate about diversity and inclusion in marketing and media, an advocate of socio-economic diversity and advisory board member for Diversity in Marketing and Advertising Summit. Dan holds a Masters Degree from University of Oxford in Archaeology & Anthropology He has a continued interest in ancient history, archaeology and music and is a keen skier and mountaineer.


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