Anna Leigh Kennedy

Product Marketing Director, Avocet

Anna is the Product Marketing Director at Avocet, an innovative DSP founded in 2014 as a response to an ecosystem with ever-multiplying players and without the evolving technology to match. Since joining Avocet, Anna has been developing the marketing strategy with a mind to ensure that Avocet’s pioneering technology is recognised in the market and utilised to its full potential.

Anna was previously managing key strategic accounts in the client services team at The Exchange Lab, joining in 2014 when the company was an independent trading desk and later acquired as part of WPP’s GroupM in December 2015. As a result of this transition, Anna has experience of adaptive work cultures, from independent to corporate organisations.

Anna has an avid interest in Learning and Development programmes and has actively mentored and on-boarded new team members throughout her career to support personal growth as well as increasing team cohesion and output. Outside of work, Anna is working on community projects in South-East London with a new event series due to launch in 2018 to fundraise support and supplies for women in crisis. Anna was listed as Ad Tech Inclusion’s 50 Women in Ad Tech list and she is an advisory board member for Diversity in Marketing and Advertising Summit.


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