Nadya Powell, Managing Director, Sunshine

Nadya Powell

Founder, Innovation Disorder

Nadya believes that the way to stay ahead is to keep your eyes firmly on the future hence she has been driving and delivering business change for 20 years.

Nadya has successfully built three world class businesses: Dare which won agency of the decade in 2010; Lost Boys one of a generation of start-ups that redefined the social marketing industry; and Sunshine which is challenging the divide between entertainment and advertising.

Nadya is an influencer for change in the creative industries. She is passionate about technology and the positive disruption it can cause and co-founded Innovation Social 4 years ago – an affiliation of Innovation leaders that are driving the innovation agenda forward.

Secondly, she views Diversity as critical to business success and co-founded Millennial Mentoring and The Great British Diversity Experiment (, both which seek to drive diversity in communications. In December 2016 Nadya co-founded ChristmasSOwhite which drove global attention to the lack of diverse imagery in Christmas communications.

You can follow her on @NadsBads or read her opinions on


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